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Penda Ly Crowned Miss Senegal 2012

Penda Ly
Penda Ly, a 21-year old student of marketing from Dakar, was crowned Miss Senegal 2012 during an event held at the King Pahd Palace. Ly stands 175 cm tall and received, among other prizes, the right to represent Senegal at the MISS ECOWAS competition and is expected to travel to the Miss Universe 2012 pageant in December. 

Leila Lopes will embark in 5-country African Tour

Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes

The reigning Miss Universe, Leila Lopes from Angola, will embark in a 5-country African tour that will take her to Ghana, Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Togo and Nigeria in June.  All these nations will participate in the Miss Universe 2012 competition in December.

The Insignia Group, producers of the Miss Universe Ghana competition in partnership with Roberta Annan Consulting, announced the first ever visit to Ghana of a reigning Miss Universe.

This is the first time in 12 years that an African woman has held the title of Miss Universe and the last titleholder was Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Botswana 1997, who became Miss Universe in 1999. Miss Kwelagobe was the first person to represent Botswana at the Miss Universe pageant, and made history by becoming the first black African woman to win an international pageant.

Miss Universe, as part of her tour of West Africa, will visit the SOS Children’s Villages, in Tema and Asiakwa, making a donation to them and also pay a courtesy call on the Vice President.

She would later launch the 2012 Miss Universe Ghana pageant at an exclusive cocktail reception in Accra, hosted by Miss Yayra Nego, Ghana’s Miss Universe of 2011.

Miss Universe Venues 1952 – 2011

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Miss Universe pageant has been held in many countries in all continents. But, do you know where its venues each year are? Let’s see all pictures of its venues from 1952 to 2011.
From1952-1959, Miss Universe was held in Long Beach, California. It was held at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium. From 1960-1971, it was held in Miami Beach, Florida. From 1972, Miss Universe was held in the outside of US continent for the first time, in Dorado, Puerto Rico. The pageant was broadcast via satellite to around the world. Since 1972, the Miss Universe has been held worldwide from North & South America, Caribbean, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa. It is really a prestigious and most publicized pageant in the world. Well, now we publish all pictures of Miss Universe venues from 1952-2011…

1952 -1959 :: Long Beach Municipal Auditorium – Long Beach, California, USA

1960 – 1967 :: Miami Beach Convention Hall Auditorium – Miami Beach, Florida, USA

1968 – 1971 :: Miami Beach Auditorium – Miami Beach, Florida, USA

1972 :: Cerromar Beach Hotel – Dorado, Puerto Rico

1973 :: Odeon of Herodes Atticus – Athens, Greece

1974 :: Folk Arts Theatre – Manila, Philippines

1975 :: National Gymnasium – San Salvador, El Salvador

1976 :: Lee Theatre – Hong Kong

1977 :: Teatro Nacional – Santo Domingo, Domminican Republic

1978 :: Centro de Convenciones de Acapulco – Acapulco, Mexico

1979 :: Perth Entertainment Centre – Perth, Australia

1980 :: Sejong Cultural Centre – Seoul, Korea

1981 :: Minskoff Theatre – New York, USA

1982 :: Coliseo Amauta – Lima, Peru

1983 :: Kiel Auditorium – St. Louis, Missouri, USA

1984 – 1985 :: James L. Knight International Centre – Miami, Florida, USA

1986 :: Centro de Convenciones Atlapa – Panama City, Panama

1987 :: World Trade Centre – Singapore

1988 :: Linkou Stadium – Taipei, Taiwan

1989 :: Fiesta Americana Condessa Resort – Cancun, Mexico

1990 :: Shubert Theatre – Los Angeles, California, USA

1991 & 1996 :: Aladdin Resort Hotel Theatre – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

1992 :: Queen Sirikit Convention Centre – Bangkok, Thailand

1993 & 2007 :: Auditorio Nacional – Mexico City, Mexico

1994 :: Philippine International Convention Centre – Manila, Philippines

1995 :: Windhoek Country Club Resort & Casino – Windhoek, Namibia

1997 :: Miami Beach Convention Centre – Miami Beach, Florida, USA

1998 :: Stan Sheriff Centre – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

1999 :: Universe Centre – Chaguaramas, Trinidad & Tobago

2000 :: Eleftheria Stadium – Nicosia, Cyprus

2001 :: Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez – Bayamon, Puerto Rico

2002 :: Coliseo Ruben Clemente – San Juan, Puerto Rico

2003 :: Figali Convention Centre – Panama City, Panama

2004 :: Centro de Convenciones – Quito, Ecuador

2005 :: Impact Arena – Bangkok, Thailand

2006 :: Shrine Auditorium – Los Angeles, California, USA

2008 :: Crown Convention Centre – Nha Trang, Vietnam

2009 :: Atlantis Paradise Island – Nassau, Bahamas

2010 :: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

2011 :: Credicard Hall – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Miss Universe 1995 — Windhoek, Namibia

For the first time in history of Miss Universe, the pageant was held on African soil exactly in the newly independent state of Namibia. It gained the independence from the neighboring South Africa in 1990.
And it’s a great achievement for Namibia to host one of the most popular world-class event like Miss Universe 5 years after its independence. And 82 beautiful young women competed for the prestigious title of Miss Universe 1995. The event was held at Windhoek Country Club & Resort in Windhoek, Namibia and watched by some 600 million viewers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Top 10

From L to R: Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico, India, El Salvador
From L to R: India, El Salvador, USA, Venezuela, Dominican Republic (Trinidad&Tobago and South Africa were unseen)
1 – USA
Chelsi Smith

Swimsuit : 9.719 (1)
Interview : 9.639 (3)
Evening Gown : 9.656 (8)
Average : 9.671 (1)
Top 6 : 9.789 (2)

Chelsi Smith won the 1995 Miss USA pageant representing Texas. Coincidentally, Sushmita Sen crowned her three times; first in Miss Texas USA, then Miss USA and the last in Miss Universe. Chelsi was a multiracial American, became the first Miss Universe from USA in 15 years!(The last won in 1980 by Shawn Weatherly). Although she was not among the top favorites in the pageant, however she placed 1st in the preliminaries.
2- India
Manpreet Brar
Swimsuit: 9.378 (8)
Interview: 9.573 (4)
Evening Gown: 9.700 (3)
Average: 9.550 (6)
Top 6: 9.748 (3)
Manpreet was the darkhorse in the semifinal. She followed her predessecor, Sushmita Sen to be at 1st during the interview preliminary. She has never been in the list of favorites, but her exotic look and brain brought her so far to be 2nd and almost made the back-to-back title for India. Her unforgettable answer when asked about discrimination against color: “There’s saying that goes: if your back is bent, only then someone will be able to climb on it. So stand up straight and no one will climb on your back.”
3 – Canada
Lana Buchberger
Swimsuit: 9.598 (2)
Interview: 9.538 (5)
Evening Gown: 9.789 (1)
Average: 9.641 (2)
Top 6: 9.818 (1)

Lana Buchberger gave the only placement for Canada during 1990s editions of the pageant. She finished at 3rd; although she was favored by crowd in Namibia. She was born in Singapore and ever lived in Malaysia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi during her life. The experience of living in many different countries gave her the amazing experience to tell us.

Trinidad & Tobago
4 – Trinidad & Tobago
Arlene Peterkin

Swimsuit: 9.515 (6)
Interview: 9.499 (7)
Evening Gown: 9.674 (5)
Average: 9.563 (5)
Top 6: 9.724 (4)
Puerto Rico
Arlene Peterkin had the most beautiful smile among the semifinalists. She was the oldest contestant in the pageant, 27 at that time. However, her exciting personality delivered her to the 4th place.
5 – Puerto Rico
Desiree Lowry
Swimsuit: 9.561 (5)
Interview: 9.653 (2)
Evening Gown: 9.661 (6)
Average: 9.625 (3)
Top 6: 9.658 (5)
Puerto Rico appeared as a strong contender by Desiree Lowry after being unplaced in the previous edition. Desiree was the hot favorite in the contest, and her interview was really excellent; placed at 2nd behind El Salvador. Her ambition was to become a diplomat or lawyer. However, she failed to bring the 4th Miss Universe crown for Puerto Rico after the darkhorse of India gave a very good answer in Top 6.
6 – Venezuela
Denyse Floreano
Swimsuit: 9.566 (4)
Interview: 9.499 (7)
Evening Gown: 9.705 (2)
Average: 9.590 (4)
Top 6: 9.425 (6)
Unlike her predessecor in 1993 and 1994 who finished at Top 3, Denyse just placed 6th overall. She was also a favorite to win, however her interview was really weak. Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981 of Venezuela who was a judge in the contest, gave her perfect score 9.99 in all areas of competition. Her effort helped Denyse to advance in Top 6, not to Top 3.
South Africa
Denyse was 18 at that time, but she looked mature and fatter than when she was crowned Miss Venezuela 1994. Miss Philippines who was Denyse’s close friend in the pageant confirmed that Denyse had the pregnancy of 5 months 10 years later. Two months after crowning Alicia Machado as Miss Venezuela 1995, Denyse gave birth her first child.

7 – South Africa
Augustine Masilela
Swimsuit: 9.348 (9)
Interview: 9.525 (6)
Evening Gown: 9.688 (4)
Average: 9.520 (7)
Augustine was the first delegate of South Africa since 1984 (where it placed 2nd that year). South Africa was allowed to compete again in Miss Universe after its long absence of 10 years (1985 – 1994). It was caused by the demonstration against the apartheid politic in the country. 
Augustine was a broadcaster and 26 at that time. She was the unexpected contestant in Top 10, but her intelligence in interview and good presentation in evening gown, brought her to 7th place overall.
8 – El Salvador
Eleonora Carrillo Alamanni

Swimsuit: 9.305 (10)
Interview: 9.674 (1)
Evening Gown: 9.531 (10)
Average: 9.503 (8)

This Central America country, El Salvador placed again for the first time since 1955 by Eleonora Carrillo. She was a great surprise in Top 10. She almost placed 10th but her ability in reading palm helped her win the interview competition.

overall in the semifinal, however her great ability to read palm helped her to win the
 interview competition. And finally, she placed 8th overall.

El Salvador

9 – Dominican Republic

Candida Lara

Swimsuit: 9.573 (3)
Interview: 9.219 (9)
Evening Gown: 9.573 (9)
Average: 9.455 (9)

Candida Lara was an international fashion model and modeled in Spain, Italy and Germany. She was also a student of Computer Science at Queens College in New York City. It was a great choice that she and her roommate, Miss Puerto Rico made the cut. Her young friend, Queency watched her live in the final.
Candida also gave the only placement of Dominican Republic during 1990’s in Miss Universe pageant.

10- Colombia
Tatiana Castro Abuchaibee

Swimsuit: 9.430 (7)
Interview: 9.020 (10)
Evening Gown: 9.599 (8)
Average: 9.350 (10)

Tatiana Castro was #1 hot crowd favorite. After she was announced to Top 10, the crowd thought that it would be a battle between Colombia, Puerto Rico and Canada. Wrong! Tatiana just finished at 10th. She placed 3rd in the preliminaries, but she could not repeat the same performance in the final. She broke the dream of Colombians to win the 2nd Miss Universe crown for their country after placing 2nd in 3 consecutive years (1992, 1993 & 1994).

Top 6

From L to R:  Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Venezuela, India, Canada and Puerto Rico

Miss Universe 1995 USA’s Chelsi Smith posed with all judges; from L to R: Lucero, Phil Gallo, Zakes Mokae, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Freddy Taylor, Peter Kwong, Chelsi Smith, Irene Saez, Dan McVicar, Natasha Alexandrovna and Ann Magnuson.

ARUBA – Marie-Denise Herrlein
AUSTRALIA – Jacqueline Shooter
BAHAMAS – Shammine Tenika Lindsay
BELIZE – Deborah Wade
BOLIVIA – Sandra Rivero Zimmermann
BONAIRE – Donna Landwier
BRAZIL – Renata Aparecida Bessa Soares …………………………………….1STrunner-up, Best National Costume
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – Elaine Patricia Henry
BULGARIA – Boiana Dimitrova
CANADA – Lana Buchberger
CAYMAN ISLANDS – Anita Lilly Bush (MW 94)
CHILE – Paola Falcone Basigalupo
CHINA (TAIWAN) – Liao Chia-Yi
COLOMBIA – Tatiana Leonor Castro Abuchaibe
COOK ISLANDS – Tarita Brown
COSTA RICA – Beatriz Alejandra Alvarado Mejía (Señorita 94, Café 95)
CURACAO – Maruschka Jansen
CYPRUS – Clara Davina Rainbow
CZECH REPUBLIC – Eva Kotulanova
DENMARK – Tina Dam
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Cándida Lara Betances (MI 95, Reina Internacional Del Café ‘96)
ECUADOR – Radmila Padnizic Arapov (AmLat 90)
EGYPT – Nadia Ezz
EL SALVADOR – Eleonora Beatrice Corrillo Alamanni (NBI 94)
ESTONIA – Enel Eha
FINLAND – Heli Pirhonen
FRANCE – Corinne Lauret
GERMANY – Ilka Endres (MI 90, Europe 95)
GREAT BRITAIN – Sarah-Jane Southwick
GREECE – Helen Papeannou
GUAM – Alia Tui Stevens (Asia-Pac 95)
GUATEMALA – Indira Lili Chinchilla Paz (MI 95, Señorita 95)
HOLLAND – Chantal Van Woensel
HONG KONG – Halina Tam Siu-Wan (Chinese 95)
HUNGARY – Andrea Harsanyi
ICELAND – Margret Skuladóttir Sigurz (Europe 94)
INDIA – Manpreet Brar
INDONESIA – Susanty Manuhutu
IRELAND – Anna Maria McCarthy (Europe 95, MW 95)
ISRAEL – Yana Kalman
ITALY – Alesandra Meloni
JAMAICA – Justine Willoughby
JAPAN – Narumi Saeki
KENYA – Josephine Wanjiku Mbatia (MW 94)
KOREA – Han Sungjoo
MALAYSIA – Suziela Binte Azrai
MALTA – Sonia Massa
MAURITIUS – Marie Priscilla Mardaymootoo (MW 94, Q-Clubs 97)
MEXICO – Luz María Zetina Lugo
NAMIBIA – Patricia Burt
NEW ZEALAND – Shelley Jeannine Edwards (MW 94)
NICARAGUA – Linda Asalia Clerk Castillo
NIGERIA – Toyin Enitan Raji (MW95) …………………………………………………………………………………………. Miss Amity
NORTHERN MARIANAS – Karah Kirschenheiter
NORWAY – Lena Sandvik
PANAMA – Michelle Jeanette Sage Navarrete
PARAGUAY – Bettina Rosemary Barboza Caffarena (Maja 95, Café 96)
PERU – Paola Dellepiane Gianotti (MW 95) …………………………………………………………………. Most Beautiful Hair
PHILIPPINES – Joanne Zapanta Santos (Miss Tourism International ‘97)
POLAND – Magdalena Pecikiewicz
PORTUGAL – Adriana Iria
PUERTO RICO – Desirée Lowry Rodríguez (Café 95)
ROMANIA – Monika Grosu
RUSSIA – Yulia Alekseeva (Europe 93)
SEYCHELLES – Maria Payet
SINGAPORE – Tun Neesa Abdullah
SLOVAKIA – Nikoleta Meszarosova (MI 94, Europe 94)
SOUTH AFRICA – Augustine Masilela
SPAIN – María Reyes Vásquez ……………………………………………………………………………….. Best National  Costume 
SRI LANKA – Shivani Vasagam (Asia-Pac 93, MW 95, MrsW 99)
SWEDEN – Petra Hultgren ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Miss Photogenic
SWITZERLAND – Sarah Briguet (MW 94)
THAILAND – Phavadee Vichienrat
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Arlene Peterkin
TURKEY – Gamze Saygi
TURKS & CAICOS – Sharleen Rochelle Grant
UKRAINE – Irina Ivoanova Victorovna Chernomaz
URUGUAY – Sandra Znidaric
USA – Chelsi Pearl Smith ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Best in Swimsuit
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Kim Marie Ann Boschulte
VENEZUELA – Denyse del Carmen Floreano Camargo
ZAMBIA – Luo Trica Punabantu ………………………………………………………. 2NDrunner-up, Best National Costume
ARGENTINA – Cecilia Gagliano


This article is a special edition archive of Miss Universe Pageant Hall.